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Curating the best stuff for you to sip and nosh on from San Francisco and East Bay artisans.
our name & what we stand for
The fig - There is something so very earthy and elemental about a fig.   In various cultures it represents enlightenment, purity, honesty and simplicity. We believe our food should be the same, uncomplicated     and honest. 
And poe? - Well that's simple, a favorite author and poet whose writing reads like music to me and has long been a source of inspiration. 
So, fig & poe? - It's where simplicity and purity meet creativity, in a cup, on a plate, in a beautiful space. 

396 11th Street 

Oakland, CA 94607


Monday–Friday: 7am–3:30pm 

Saturday–Sunday: closed

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 Our farm to table purveyors of coffee, tea and pastries mean there's no artificial anything in what we serve, so you know what, you can actually recognize every ingredient. See our partners page for more info on all the amazeballs peeps that are responsible for filling your cups and bellies with pure awesomeness.